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Hi, I'm Jodi

As a creative and nurturing Leo, my passion and dedication to serving others comes naturally. Continually evolving as a Spiritual Being, my awareness of our interconnectedness expands, and my respect and appreciation for the Laws of the Universe deepens as I embrace my sojourn on Earth.

Enduring numerous medical and surgical procedures ranging from reproductive to orthopedics as a child and into adulthood, it wasn’t until my later years that I sought out a Genetics doctor and was properly diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder.

Although knowing a condition doesn’t define who I am nor will it limit me as a person, the information has allowed me to gain more in-depth insight into how to better manage myself daily.

I can share with great confidence, having had these experiences, the profound impact the Physical can have on the Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual bodies.

My strong desire to learn the root of suffering led me to pursue many educational paths to better understand the connection between the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

This journey allowed me to study the performing arts, obtain a license to practice massage therapy, complete a Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Sciences, author and publish multiple books, study the many branches of philosophy, schools of psychology, human behavior, and become certified to instruct yoga.

As a holistic practitioner and growth facilitator, I am grateful to guide individuals who seek out alternative ways to understand and grow beyond limiting beliefs in the Mind, Body, and Spirit. By exploring these paths, individuals can realize their true potential and become their most authentic and valuable selves.

portrait of owner, Jodi