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A smiling Latin female writing her New Year goals in her notebook while sitting at the table.As we enter into the holiday season, you may come across an array of interesting articles written to help others through the sometimes difficult and challenging times of missing their loved ones. Whether through the distance of miles or the distance of death, nonetheless, we may find ourselves in a place of loneliness, less than favorable states of overwhelming sadness, despair, a loss of motivation of finding joy within ourselves, or even not wanting to participate with others in any festive activities. Getting stuck in unhelpful patterns of thought or behaviors that do not serve us, actually perpetuate the pain and suffering cycle in the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Making a conscious choice to practice and apply utilizing the Energy to experience the Shifts of Energy in our Mind, Body, and Spirit can be a life changing and empowering experience, allowing us to gain different perspectives and create new ways to experience the holiday season.  

While all of these Shifts of Energy are justified because they are our emotional responses to expectations being met or not being met, such as our loved ones being farther away from us than we would like or want them to be; it may be helpful to consider and ask ourselves a couple of questions as we continue on a healthier, holiday journey.

  1. What are the costs and benefits if you allow yourself a moment to honor, understand, and consider these feelings, Shifts of Energy, as just fleeting and temporary human experiences?
  2. Where are you experiencing these feelings and emotions in your Mind, Body, and Spirit? 
  3. Who is in control of all that you are experiencing?
  4. Is choosing to hold onto these experiences positively or negatively impacting your Mind, Body, and Spirit connection?

Practice Mindful Breathing and Drawing the Energy techniques as you take a moment to reflect on these questions and journal your answers. You are one step closer to a healthier and joyous holiday season!