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Many of us have played in the “What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?” game, where we would write down a list of things that we wanted to do or change for the upcoming New Year to make our lives somehow turn out better than the year before. I too have played that game many times and realized the main player, myself on team Jodi, would be defeated more often than not. Let’s just say my stats were not favorable. It wasn’t until I learned to Change My Ways that I could Change My Days and experience being undefeated. Understanding the rules before implementing a strategy followed by action steps is what I’ve found to be most helpful. 

 Rule #1. Be accountable and responsible for yourself in every way. Whatever action steps you choose to take or not to take in life is your responsibility. You are the main player in the Game of Life. 

Rule #2. Change is the only constant in life. Don’t be surprised when things, circumstances, or people change because that is life. Nothing stays the same EVER!!!! Everything is just a Shift of Energy.

Rule #3. Limit your expectations to zero. We tend to get upset when our expectations are not met. However, we are not entitled to anything. Also, don’t expect people or things to be a certain way based on the way they were for us in the past. Refer back to Rule #2.  

Rule #4. Make no assumptions about anything or anyone. Ask questions to find out facts before reacting and responding. Believing something to be true without facts, doesn’t necessarily make it true. We may be reacting to a perception of truth but not the actual truth, therefore, exhausting our Energy and creating stress for ourselves and for the other person.

Rule #5. When your desire to change is greater than your desire to remain the same, then you will change. If not, you will always find an excuse. Blaming someone or something as to why you haven’t changed or won the New Year’s Resolution game, refer back to Rule #1.