Think Rags Signature T-Shirt


The logo design for the Signature T-Shirt has layers of meaning.

The Eye symbolizes The Life-Force which serves as a gentle reminder of who we are at our core. This Universal Energy flows freely through every sentient being and interconnects us All.

The Maze symbolizes life’s journey that consists of open paths and detours. It prompts us to reflect on our transformative journey and awakens us to a Knowing and Truth about the Universal Energy. This Energy allows us to evolve and it is our free will to choose a path of gratitude for this Life-Force.

The Triangle symbolizes the Mind, Body, and Spirit Connection. It is our choice to practice cultivating this Connection. With practice, we can all attain a level of preparedness to transcend the senses and allow Self Realization-Meditation to blossom within. This is when we come home to our most true Authentic Self.

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