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Meet and it Begins With You!

With The Think Rags Guided Meditations and Meditative Tools, you will have a wonderful opportunity to actively practice and apply all you’ve learned from the twenty-four educational videos. The eight Guided Meditations allow you to Collect, Connect, and Direct – “Drawing the Energy” in conjunction with practicing “Mindful Breathing” to experience its many benefits in the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Throughout your Guided Meditations in the Think Rags Experience, you will be gently guided to unpack and utilize your meditative tools in a manner that will best enhance your overall learning experience. Exude your awesomeness by proudly wearing your exclusive Think Rags Collect, Connect, Direct the Energy T-Shirt as a connection back to your Experience!

The eight individual Think Rags Guided Meditations total approximately forty minutes. These Guided Meditations create space to acknowledge and respectfully meet the Mind, Body, and Spirit where they’re at; to have an internal conversation. This space allows for introspection, questions to be asked, and reflection to take place.